Bridging Finance

Short term funding bridges the period between your purchase of a property or an asset and the time by which you’re able to secure other funds

Bridging finance plugs the gap in your finances to make quick purchases possible.

These loans are typically offered for up to 12 months, and without monthly interest payments.

How we help

Residential property

Get the finance you need to buy your new home, even if you’re struggling to sell your property. Perhaps the sale of your current property has fallen through but you don’t want to miss out on the dream home you’re buying.

We can put in place the short-term finance you need so you don’t risk losing your new home.

Commercial property

Bridging loans can help you purchase property that is currently in an unfit state for a mortgage.

We’ve also used bridging loans to finance auction properties, buy-to-lets and ambitious construction projects.

Business purposes

Short term finance can help you meet your deadlines for debts and navigate periods of growth.

You can use a bridging loan to pay an HMRC bill for example, or to purchase new premises.

Buying land to self-build a property

When you’re building on a blank slate it can be difficult to know where to start, particularly when it comes to finance.

A bridging loan can help you secure the land quickly, so you don’t lose the plot you want.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, we’ll help you navigate the self-build and get the flexible funding you need.

Why choose us

When you work with us, you gain access to benefits that aren’t necessarily available to
borrowers dealing directly with lenders.


One of the attractive benefits of bridging loans is that they can be put in place quickly.

We have long-term relationships with the lenders to get funding expeditiously for you.

We know what’s required in the process, so we can avoid any mistakes or omissions that can delay your access to finance.

Diverse, flexible options

With access to over 170 lenders, including alternative funders, challenger banks and specialist lenders, we can find you the most competitive loan.

In some cases, we can secure a 100% LTV in some cases, where no deposit is required.


We navigate the process of accessing funding for you.

Once we’ve reviewed your finances, we’ll create a comprehensive strategy for you, including how you will repay the loan (your exit strategy).

We can overcome barriers such as a bad credit score and put together the evidence you need to show your lender.

Up-to-date insights

The market for bridging loans fluctuates and lenders change their terms frequently.

We’re up to date on the latest information and we can advise you on the best loan, right now, for your circumstances.

Our process

When you work with us, your application runs smoothly from start to finish.
Here’s a quick rundown of our process:



Tell us why you need short term finance and what you hope to achieve with the loan.


Explore the market

We review the lending options available.



We set out the options for you with analysis of how each one may impact your objectives.



We compile the application for you, together with supporting documents and submit it to the lender.


Respond to the lender

We reply to lender queries promptly.



We secure the bridging loan
that’s right for you.

Find out more using our FAQs

What are the benefits of bridging loans?
  1. Speed: We can arrange bridging loans very quickly. If you need fast access to funding, this is a viable option.
  2. No break fees: You can repay bridging loans early without incurring penalties. This usually saves you money on interest
  3. Flexibility: These loans allow borrowing against properties that are not suitable for a mortgage
What are the alternatives to bridging loans?

Possible alternatives are:

  • Mortgaging the second property: you’d get a loan with  a longer term, but it may work out cheaper in the long run
  • Unsecured personal loans: you can borrow up to £50,000. These loans tend to have annual interest rates, which means they can be less expensive overall. We do not provide advice on unsecured personal loans
What are the risks?
  • Double mortgage payments: If you use the loan to purchase a new house before you find a seller for your current home, you risk paying for two properties concurrently.
  • High interest rates: Bridging loans are designed to be short-term, high-value borrowing. Lenders often expect high returns, which means they charge high interest rates. Missing a repayment can incur large fees
  • Losing your property: Lenders secure the debt against the property. You risk losing the property if you cannot afford the repayments
Can I get a bridging loan if I have a bad credit rating?

Yes. Even with bad credit you stand a chance of being accepted for a bridging loan. Our advisers can talk you through your options. Taking out a bridging loan and meeting your repayments can even help to improve your credit score.