Development Finance

Get the cash injection you need to build or refurbish your property. We’ll help you secure competitive terms for the development finance to fund your project.

How we help

SSAS Purchases

Using a pension fund to purchase a commercial property is a tax-efficient way to maximise your returns.

Your pension is a separate legal entity which can make a secured loan and be party to a lease. Your pension fund purchases the commercial property and rents it back to your business through a lease. The company pays the rent (into the pension scheme), and the pension scheme repays the loan.

These arrangements can be complicated, but they are often lucrative.

We have expertise to explain the concept and guide you through the process.

Development Loans

Unlike traditional loans, development finance takes the value of the completed property into consideration. That means that you can access a greater level of funding for a development scheme.

We’ve secured finance for all sorts of property developments including residential flats, commercial office blocks, large scale housing developments and brand new retail parks.

Whether you’re a first-time developer, or you have a portfolio of successful developments to your name, we can arrange the finance to get your next project off the ground.

Refurbishment Finance

Finance is available to restore dilapidated buildings, to extend a property, change the purpose of a building or to redecorated outdated designs.

If you’re a portfolio landlord, you may require this sort of finance fairly regularly to keep all your properties well-maintained and up to date.

Our teams have expertise in securing refurbishment finance for a range of commercial and residential properties.

Why choose us

When you work with us, you gain access to benefits that aren’t necessarily available to
borrowers dealing directly with lenders.

Clarity and speed

Development finance, and particularly SSAS purchases, can be complicated and time-consuming.

We’ve secured finance for numerous projects, and we give you clarity on the process and potential pitfalls.

We know the information the lenders require, so we can make sure you have everything in place to avoid any delays to your application.

Creative roadmaps

We obtain finance where it wouldn’t be accessible elsewhere.

With our experience of the industry, we know how to position applications and find creative ways around roadblocks in financing your project.

All bases covered

We work closely with a network of partners to provide you with a rounded service. We have tax specialists and accountants on hand to give you swift, comprehensive advice on the best way to structure your project.

Access to 170+ lenders

With access to alternative funding providers, challenger banks and specialist lenders, we have access to many more options than regular borrowers. However ambitious your project is, we find the finance to fund it.

Our process

When you work with us, your application runs smoothly from start to finish.
Here’s a quick rundown of our process:


Initial Consultation

Tell us about your project and the level of funding you require


Collate the paperwork

We’ll work with you to collate:

The cashflow summary

A detailed schedule of the works

The timeline of development plans

Confirmation of planning approval


Liaise with lenders

With our experience of the market, we approach the lenders that we know finance these projects.

We discuss your requirements and the terms they are willing to offer.


Second consultation

We give you a detailed analysis of the options from various lenders, explaining the impact of the offers on your objectives for your project.



We draft and submit your application to the lender and deal with queries as they arise.



We secure your funding so you can begin your project.

Find out more using our FAQs

How much can I borrow?

The maximum amount varies from lender to lender. Some lenders offer tens of thousands, while others lend as much as millions. Speak to our advisers about your requirements.

What type of developments can I get funding for?

You can get development finance on a range of projects including: new builds, refurbishments, residential properties and commercial properties.

Can first time developers get development finance?

Yes. There are lenders who provide funding to first time developers. However, you’ll need to meet their eligibility criteria, and run through some checks with the lender.