Management Buyouts

Planning an MBO is an exciting venture, but it’s not always easy to secure funding.

You’re likely to need substantial sums, which may come from a range of sources.

We can help you secure the level of funding you require, on terms that work for you and your business.

How we help

Asset finance

Secure funding against the assets of the business. Those assets might include invoices, stock, property, plant, or machinery.

Asset finance is typically a quicker route to accessing funds than the bank loan route. You have the benefit of certainty in fixed repayments to help you manage your cashflow.

There are a number of lenders that offer funding this way and it can be time-consuming to wade through them all and discern the most favourable terms. We cut through the melee of options to find the ideal lender for you, with competitive rates.

Equity Finance

Raise funds by offering shares in the business in exchange for capital investment.

You don’t pay interest or repay capital, but you do give up a level of ownership and profits in your business.

Depending on your investor, you may also benefit from their experience and expertise to help manage and grow the business.

We can steer you through the process of raising equity finance and help you find investors that are suitable for your business.

Business loans

Traditional banks are often hesitant to provide business loans for MBOs, which are usually seen as a risky venture.

However, we have access to a range of lenders with varying risk appetite. Some lenders will only provide loans for MBOs in which the business EBITDA is over £1m, but others will back a business with EBITDA of £250K or less.

We find a lender for your MBO that suits your circumstances and offers the most competitive terms.

Why choose us

When you work with us, you gain access to benefits that aren’t necessarily available to
borrowers dealing directly with lenders.


With our experience in MBOs, we can help you create a workable strategy for funding the buyout. We discuss your circumstances and your options in detail to find the best MBO finance option for you.

Robust applications

When you apply to MBO funding, you need to show that you and your management team are credible, and your plans are viable. We know what the lenders are looking for so we can write persuasive applications that stand the best chance of approval.

A comprehensive approach

We work closely with trusted partners and associates, so we are able to support you throughout the MBO process. We can introduce you to lawyers, analysts, accountants, and tax specialists, with whom we work frequently. Together we provide you with a seamless service.

Increase your lending options

With access to over 170 lenders, you’re not restricted to the traditional banks for your funding. We can find you more flexible options and more relaxed lending criteria to get your MBO over the line.